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The best that nature has to offer

Health is one of the largest goods Our goal at Reico is to bring people into their mineral balance and thereby restore the best possible conditions for life.
To achieve this goal, we have applied the findings from 40 years of development and practical experience to the fundamentals of the natural cycle of minerals and trace elements and developed our unique food supplements.
Our products (with the exception of Royal Jelly) are suitable for vegans, free of dyes and preservatives, gluten, milk, and flavour enhancers. They are easy to dose and contain - depending on the product - several important micronutrients, which can support the metabolic processes in the body. Through their production of micronised (i.e. finely ground) organic ingredients, the body's cells absorb and metabolise the minerals particularly well.

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The ideal food supplement made of algae


Oxygen providing an energy boost

Cellmin® Pocket

Our sunshine for the nervous system


Our sunshine for the nervous system

Rega Saft

Support biological regulatory processes

Levi Saft 350 ml

Cascade fermentation

Gelee Royal

Royal jelly The royal juice of our bees

Rock salt coarse

Natural table salt

Rock salt fine

Natural table salt