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Our goal: live in mineral balance


The welfare of our customers and their pets lies close to our heart. Therefore, we have in our unique products the best that nature has to offer, combined to bring the body into its mineral balance. Moreover, we have applied the findings from 40 years of development and practical experience to the fundamentals of the natural cycle of minerals and trace elements when developing our products.

Mineral balance - what is it actually? And what is it good for?

Mineral balance means there is a balance between the activating and regulating minerals in the body. We get these minerals from our diet. Natural enzymes in food will help the body break down unwanted or excess substances present, and can thus themselves create a balance. If the body is in the mineral balance, then so are acids and bases in the body. In this optimum condition the immune system is functioning perfectly. This is the basis for fitness, well-being, and vitality.

How is mineral imbalance created?

Mineral imbalance may arise by over-fertilisation of soils as a result of industrial production in agriculture. Mainly supplying activating minerals has an impact on the nutritional content of the later harvest. In our view, this results in an imbalance that can be passed on to humans and animals through their diet.
The result: The acid-base equilibrium gets out of balance. If there is too much acid, the body plunders its mineral storage (e.g. bone, skin, hair, teeth, and joints). A permanent demineralization can also lead to a weakening of the immune system. If you try to counteract demineralisation by taking individual minerals, this can again cause an imbalance.

How to prevent mineral imbalance?

The supply of alkaline minerals on a varied and balanced diet can compensate for anacidification of the body.