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Even your dog is what he eats ...

Do you want to feed your dog responsibly? Then you've come to the right place.

Good quality, and especially healthy, dog food is our expertise, since your pet needs to get all the nutrients it requires for healthy growth and a life full of activity.

Therefore, your dog's diet must include an optimal mix of proteins, natural fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and trace elements. Just like for humans, a diet that is as natural as possible is one of the most important steps on the way to a long and healthy life filled with energy and performance for our pets.

Our variety of food helps you with this and includes everything your darling needs for a healthy, fun-loving, and active life.


MaxidogVit® Beef

MaxidogVit® Beef | For vital dogs

MaxidogVit® Poultry

For hearty eaters

MaxidogVit® Wild Game

For a diverse diet

MaxidogVit® Beef Heart

For active dogs

MaxidogVit® Veal

For gourmets

MaxidogVit® Beef Tripe Heart

For athletic dogs

MaxidogVit® Light diet lamb

Light diet for sensitive dogs

MaxidogVit® Light diet turkey

Light diet for sensitive dogs

CuraDog Fish

Fish with pear, linseed oil and nasturtium

CuraDog Turkey

with root vegetables and linseed oil

CuraDog Chicken

Chicken with apple, millet and linseed oil

MaxiDog® Hundewurst

Strength menu

ExcellentDog Pferd

Doggie sausage horse

Cover for can 200 & 400 g

Cover for can 800 g

MaxiDog® Dynamic

Our dog feed for the dynamic dog which does not tolerate cereal and pseudo-cereal

MaxiDog® Olymp

The best that nature has to offer

MaxiDog® Athletic

For sensitive dogs

MaxiDog® Wellness

Without beef and wheat

MaxiDog® Krokett

All-around pet food

MaxiDog® Champion

Easy to digest

MaxiDog® Energy

For higher calorie needs

MaxiDog® Sensiv

Hypoallergenic dry food for sensitive dogs

MaxiDog® Junior

For growing dogs

MaxiDog® Fleischmix

Dry food for every dog breed

MaxiDog® Rind Lamm Reis

For older dogs

Mixed flakes

Complementary flakes

Measuring jug dog

Naturkraft Pro-1

Complementary feedingstuff for general inner-body cleansing

Naturkraft Pro-2

Complementary feedingstuff for the skeletal system, growth, strengthening, lactation

Naturkraft Pro-3

Complementary feedingstuff for coat and skin

Naturkraft Pro-4

Complementary feedingstuff for digestion, appetite and purification

Naturkraft Pro-6

Complementary feedingstuff for older animals

Naturkraft Pro-7

Complementary feedingstuff for dogs & cats to aid freer breathing

Naturkraft Pro-8

Complementary feedingstuff for support in stress situations


Complementary feedingstuff for dogs and cats

Aufbau Vital

For puppies


Mineral equilibrium from algae

Lebe - flüssig

Complementary feedingstuff


Supports all growth

Glenk-Vital 60 ml

For stable joints

Aufbau Vital

For puppies

Bovine scalp

Dried meat

Beef tendons


Wild boar bites

Wild boar bites


Deer hide sticks

MaxiDog® Naturleckerli

A light, natural reward

Hirsch-Knöpfle (Venison treats)

Venison treats

Straußen-Knusperli (Ostrich crunchies)

Ostrich crunchies

Allgäuer Vital-Balsam (Allgäu Vital Balm)

Shampoo concentrate for dogs

Eye care for dogs, cats and other pets

Ear care for dogs and other pets

Gentle cleaning and enjoyable care.

Flea & tick repellent for dogs


Dog bowl 27 cm