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A balanced diet for cats

Cats are gourmets

You have decided to share your life with a velvety pawed cat. This is no surprise, because our kitties have a special charisma. They are independent and intelligent, and above all still have their basic instincts and are difficult to train. Give them love, respect and care and your cat will in turn give you their affection free of charge and 1000 fold. But love alone is not enough. Your cat needs a high quality cat food. And that is our domain! Your pet must get all the nutrients it needs for healthy growth and a life full of activity. Your cat's diet must contain an optimal combination of proteins, natural fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements.

Just like for humans, a diet that is as natural as possible is one of the most important steps on the way to a long and healthy life filled with energy and performance for our pets.
Our range of food helps you to choose a natural diet for your darling and includes everything they need for a healthy, fun-loving and active life.


MaxicatVit® Beef

For adventurous cats

MaxicatVit® Poultry

For house cats

MaxicatVit® Heart, liver

For choosey cats

MaxicatVit® Wild game

For little hunters

Maxicat® Tasty sausages turkey & salmon

Alleinfuttermittel - Feuchtfutter für alle Katzenrassen

mEATzie Lachs & Shrimps (mEATzie Salmon & Shrimps)


mEATzie Geflügel & Ei (mEATzie Poultry & Egg)


mEATzie Kaninchen & Cranberries (mEATzie Rabbit & Cranberries)


mEATzie Ente & Käse (mEATzie Duck & Cheese)


mEATzie Schmaus Huhn (Chicken)

Cold pressed premium dry food for cats

MaxiCat® Premium

The ideal menu for cats

MaxiCat® Sterne Menü

The ideal menu for gourmets

Measuring jug cat

Naturkraft Pro-1

Complementary feedingstuff for general inner-body cleansing

Naturkraft Pro-2

Complementary feedingstuff for the skeletal system, growth, strengthening, lactation

Naturkraft Pro-3

Complementary feedingstuff for coat and skin

Naturkraft Pro-4

Complementary feedingstuff for digestion, appetite and purification

Naturkraft Pro-6

Complementary feedingstuff for older animals

Naturkraft Pro-7

Complementary feedingstuff for dogs & cats to aid freer breathing

Naturkraft Pro-8

Complementary feedingstuff for support in stress situations


Complementary feedingstuff for dogs and cats


Mineral equilibrium from algae

Lebe - flüssig

Complementary feedingstuff

Glenk-Vital 60 ml

For stable joints

mEATzie milk for cats

A special snack for those with a sweet tooth

Katzenleckerli Cat treats

The ideal treat for all cats

Allgäuer Vital-Balsam (Allgäu Vital Balm)

Flea & tick repellent for cats

Eye care for dogs, cats and other pets

MaxiSan Ultra

Natural mineral clumping litter for cats, rodents and other indoor pets

Feeding dish for cat

18,50 cm